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dorling kindersley

Client Work

Dorling Kindersley is an imprint of Penguin Books which specializes in children's books. They published a series called "Doodlepedia" using a combination of illustrations and photographs to create fact based activity books and asked me to create illustrations for inside spreads and elements for the covers. The original series spanned five books with a compilation of spreads from all five used to create the bumper issue "Megadoodle" which was printed in a smaller format than the first five to make it more travel friendly.

My illustrations were also used on the cover of their encyclopedia book "Very Important Things" and on the cover of "The Really Cool Activity Book" as well as inside spreads, which was created to support Great Ormond Street Hospital and had a special foreward by the fabulous Claudia Winkleman.

The Doodlepedia series was translated into many languages including Russian and German and released internationally. This meant the illustrations had to allow space for the translations and different alphabets.

Fun fact: "Doodlepedia for Boys" and "Doodlepedia for Girls" were released in the US and other countries as "Doodlepedia Wow" and

"Doodlepedia Pretty" respectively.

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