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Client Work



Illumicrate make book themed subscription boxes here in the UK for literary fans. They asked me to create a special item for their Sarah J. Maas "A Court of Frost and Starlight" inspired box which would be sent to subscribers upon the release of the book.

The item was a double sided scarf featuring a pattern of seven symbols, each representing one of the Courts featured in the book series. As a big fan of these books (and Sarah's other books too!) I was delighted to be involved.


I love how bright and crisp the print is on the light-weight material and have really enjoyed seeing all the social media posts and photos from subscribers. There are even some four legged friends enjoying the scarf!


You can see more photos of my scarf and the other items created for the "Starfall" box on Instagram under the hashtag #illumicratestarfall.

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